What’s New This Week!

May: Hurricane Awareness Month

May 4th, 2017

25 years ago Hurricane Iniki hit the island of Kauai. We must remember the past so we can be prepared for the future.


Tsunami Inundation Zone

April 17, 2017

Do you live or work in a tsunami evacuation zone?Tsunami Awareness Map Click on this link and you can type in your address and find out!


Tsunami Preparedness

April 10, 2017

Over the past seventy years 222 lives have been lost on Hawai’i shores from powerful tsunamis generated by destructive earthquakes. The key to survival when an angry ocean attacks is”preparation”.

If a tsunami is imminent:

• Evacuate at once if you are in the inundation zone and hear an official warning or detect natural signs of a tsunami (strong earth shaking or unusual ocean activity).

• Go to higher ground or vertically evacuate to the 4th floor or higher in a reinforced concrete or structural steel building that is 10 stories or more.

• Do not assume that one wave means the danger is over. The next wave may be larger than the first. Stay out of the inundation area.

• Return home only after authorities advise it is safe to do so.

Kevin Richards, Natural Hazards Officer at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency says, “It’s important for family members to have an established plan should an earthquake or tsunami hit Hawai’i.” Richards encourages public and private schools to “regularly practice evacuation drills, so that if necessary, children can be evacuated in a calm and expedient manner. Time is of the essence when a tsunami is imminent”

The Maui Emergency Management Agency is there to support and assist residents during an emergency or disaster. The Hawai’i Emergency Management Agency is there to support Maui-EMA when their resources or capabilities become exhausted.

Maui County Siren System-

April 3rd, 2017-

Every month, The Maui Emergency Management Agency tests the Tsunami alert siren system on the 1st working date of the month at 11:45 AM. This is to ensure that our system is operational.

Remember, if you hear the sirens, turn on the radio to find out if you need to evacuate.


Picture of an outdoor warning siren at Richard Pablo Caldito Park (previously known as Waihee Ball Park).