Visitor Industry

On Maui, the visitor industry works diligently to make sure visitors will be safe during emergencies.

There is a very active Maui County Hotel and Resort Security Association that meets regularly and educates the industry about emergency preparedness and disaster response. The Association works diligently to serve and protect visitors to Maui and to plan for their care during disasters.

Maui Visitor’s Bureau is another excellent resource for emergency preparedness in the visitor industry.
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The Travel Safety Tips booklet is full of useful information for visitors.

The Maui office of the Department of Health Emergency Preparedness Branch recently created some handouts about preparedness specifically for Vacation Rental owners and managers.

International visitors:

Many foreign governments have a consular representative in Honolulu.
Click here for a list.

Make sure to practice mosquito control while visiting Maui Nui. Click here for more information.