Emergency Shelter Info

Always listen to a local (Maui) radio station to find out which emergency shelters are open.  In Maui County, shelters are opened and run by the American Red Cross upon the request of Maui County Civil Defense Agency and with the assistance of Department of Health and Maui County Health Volunteers.

Bring your own stuff!  You should plan to bring the food, water, medicine, hygiene items, blankets, pillows, books, and other items you will need to be comfortable for a few days at the shelter.  The Red Cross does not have a magic wand to provide supplies at a shelter.  Please come prepared to take care of your self and your family.

The map below should allow you to click on a shelter location to get directions (via Google Maps).  Certain shelters may be designated as shelters for people with health or mobility needs.  Some shelters may be designated as “pet-friendly,” however you must bring an appropriate pet crate/carrier or your pet will not be accepted.