Shelters and Pets

The Maui Humane Society has a brochure called “In Case of Disaster, Protect Your Pets.”

In Case of Disaster: Protect Your Pets

The brochure explains the following:

♥ Only certain shelters will be open, and only certain shelters will have volunteers ready to accept pets.
♥ If a given shelter is accepting pets, each pet must be brought with its own carrier, food, water, identification, and medicines.
♥ Pets will be kept in their carriers in a separate room from their owners. They will be allowed to visit, feed, and take care of their pets at certain times.

There is additional information on two different pages of the Maui Humane Society website:

Disaster Preparedness
Pet Sheltering Information

If you are interested in being trained to help with pet sheltering during disasters, please contact Maui Humane Society! Help is needed.