School Preparedness

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All school and childcare employees should have a personal emergency preparedness kit and plan tailored to their own needs. You can use the Plan To Be Ready booklet and Wallet Cards (19 Pages, PDF) or any other comprehensive emergency preparedness guideline that meets your needs.  All your students’ families should have emergency plans too.  Consider building this into your school curriculum and communicating with parents about it.

Schools and childcare facilities need to have an emergency plan.  Here are two resources that may help you:

Sample Childcare Emergency Action Plan (8 pages, PDF)

American Red Cross and FEMA have put together a helpful brochure about children and disasters:

Helping Children Cope With Disaster (4 Pages, PDF)

National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education has an excellent page called A to Z Childcare Information Links.

This link will take you directly to the section on Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning.  There is also information about preparing for a disease outbreak or pandemic.

Tech Preparedness: Yup, in this day and age, technology requires emergency preparedness too.  TechSoup has an excellent resource about how to protect your organization and your data from being ruined in a disaster.  (Hint: the main theme is “offsite backups!”)

TechSoup Disaster Preparedness Guide