Plan Ahead

While hurricanes and distant tsunamis may give us a few hours or days of advance notice, some disaster events come with no warning. What will you do if you are at work in Lahaina and your child or spouse is at school in Kahului when an earthquake hits? While planning ahead, you can fill out the Plan to Be Ready Workbook.

Be sure to plan ahead:

Fullscreen capture 232014 14345 PM It is very important to know some steps you can take.

  1. Hold a family meeting to make an emergency plan and fill out a wallet card for each member of your ohana.
  2. Choose two local people and one person off-island to be your family’s point person for emergencies.
  3. Use text messages for communication instead of phone calls.  (The reason is to keep phone lines open for real emergencies (calls to 911).  Make sure your point person knows how to receive and send texts!
  4. Learn where the closest shelters are to your home, workplace, and school–write these oFullscreen capture 232014 14353 PMn the back of your wallet card
  5. Determine what evacuation policies exist at your workplace or school.
  6. If you have a pet, make sure you include your pet in your planning.