Ocean Safety

  • As most water-wise people know, never turn your back on the ocean.  When in doubt, don’t go out.
  • Sunscreen – buy it and use it!  Sunburn is not healthy or pretty.  Find shade or use an umbrella to protect yourself.
  • Pay attention to warnings on the beach.
  • Drink LOTS of water.

Hawaii’s beaches are beautiful, but they can be just as dangerous. Being aware of the tide, creatures, and the weather can help you have the best and safest time at the beach.

Break the Grip of the Rip

Rip Current

Click here to see a brochure about Ocean Safety and Rip Currents (also known as rip tides in some places).  The brochure also contains a map of Maui beaches and a key to ocean hazards.

Watch the video below about rip currents to stay safe in Maui waters.

Lifeguard Locations

Maui Beaches



Here’s an interactive map of Maui beaches with lifeguard stations and beach conditions.




Always Beach Prepared

Beach Prepared


Check out this beach emergency kit for a list of supplies to make sure you’re ready for anything.