Mosquito Control Comments: Questions & Answers

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90 thoughts on “Mosquito Control Comments: Questions & Answers”

  1. Diesel Dumlao,

    If you encounter mosquitoes, the best thing to do is get out of the area, and move your body somewhere where you wont get bit (inside, etc.). If you cannot get inside, make sure to put on some bug spray or long-sleeves for protection. Determining the source of the mosquitoes (i.e. a bucket of water) and eliminating the breeding site is also helpful.

  2. Takara Kiesel,

    Mosquito-Borne illnesses are viruses, which cannot be cured through medicine or treatment, such as anti-biotics. A person sick with Dengue, Zika or chikungunya receives treatment ca”ed “supportive treatment.” This means that the patient will receive plenty of food, water (IVs if necessary) and care. The body’s immune system will fight off the virus on it’s own, without the need for medicine.

  3. Connor,

    When a disease is passed from one generation to the next (mother-to-egg) we call it vertical transmission. There is evidence to suggest that Dengue fever can be passed vertically, which means that eggs can be infected.

  4. Pukona Patricio,

    Just as with any species, inbreeding could possibly lead to genetic defects. However, the population of mosquitoes is so large, that it’s unlikely that inbreeding would occur.

  5. Anna Faust means that the residents in areas where mosquitoes live should take precaution. Also, the DOH is finding areas that have mosquitoes and are reducing the population in those areas. She will figure out if local transmission is happening in Hawaiʻi and if so, how to stop it.

  6. what other ways could I protect myself from mosquitos than wearing long clothing and eliminating breeding sites.

  7. If an infected mosquito lays eggs, will their offspring be infected by the virus as well?

  8. Is it possible for a male mosquito to extract blood from a species, if under extreme circumstances.

  9. There are many ways to prevent from getting mosquito borne illnesses, for example getting rid of breeding sites so they wonʻt bite. However, if we do happen to receive a mosquito borne illness, what are the cures for them? Do any of the mosquito borne illnesses not have cures?

  10. Hi i’m learning about mosquitos right now in class and i think its really cool what you are doing to fight the bite. Im planing to use what i learned in class to fight the bite in my own community. Mahalo!

  11. Do all people bitten by a female mosquito carrying a disease get infected or does the disease die off?

  12. Are there any other mosquito-borne diseases that are being transmitted in Maui? If yes, what are those diseases?

  13. Say we encounter an Aedes mosquito… What would the best thing we can do? You know besides, kill it.

  14. Noelani,

    It is possible to determine if someone has Zika even if they do not show symptoms. In order to diagnose the individual, blood or urine samples may be analyzed to find signs of the virus.

  15. Danielle,

    The likelihood of falling ill after getting bit by a mosquito depends on if you are in an outbreak area. If the mosquitoes in the area are not carrying the disease, there is no likelihood of falling ill. However, in areas where the disease spreads commonly, the changes of falling ill are much higher.

  16. Palaile Knochel,

    Thanks for your comment. Viruses evolve and change rapidly. The Zika virus is already different from Dengue in that it can be spread sexually and mother to fetus. We have not seen signs that the Zika virus is evolving and finding new ways to spread, but in the future the virus will continue to change and adapt.

  17. Keahi,

    Not all people become sick with Zika, even if they have the virus in their body. Every body has a different and unique immune system, which reacts to certain stimuli in a different and unique way. Scientists have not determined what exactly makes one person symptomatic and another asymptomatic to Zika, but individual differences must play a key role.

  18. Kuena Borling,

    The symptoms of Zika tend to be the same for both males and females. Of course, it is different in females because they can pass the virus onto their unborn child.

    In some studies, scientists determined that Zika can actually cause damage to a rat’s reproductive organ and cause infertility (which makes it impossible for the male rat to reproduce).

    Zika also stays in semen of males for quite a long time (6 months) and can be infectious to the male’s partner.

  19. Kisen Mercado,

    It’s important to avoid mosquito bites and take the proper precautions to avoid getting an STD, because Zika can be spread sexually. Zika cannot be cured through medication or antibiotics. If you are non-pregnant Zika is usually a mild illness that you would recover from without treatment.

  20. Jaedon Galicinao,

    Fortunately we have not had a Zika or Malaria outbreak in Hawaii. Zika would be more likely to occur because of the species of mosquitoes we have in Hawaii. If this were to happen, we would recommend that residents and visitors do all that they can do to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. We would also advocate to get rid of standing water. If there was an outbreak, the Department of Health Vector Control team would most-likely spray pesticides to help suppress the mosquito population.

    If we had the anopheles mosquito here in Hawaii, then we would be vulnerable to Malaria. For Malaria, individuals can take certain pills or medications that act as a prophylactic, or preventative, for Malaria. For example, if a tourist visits sub-Sahara Africa, a travel doctor may prescribe them the anti-biotic doxycycline to prevent the tourist from getting Malaria.

  21. Savannah,

    In order to determine how much the Maui population knows about mosquito-borne diseases, it would be necessary to conduct an island-wide representative survey. In my conversations with individuals regarding mosquito-borne diseases, I have found that many people are at least familiar. Many Maui residents are familiar with Dengue because of the Hana outbreak in 2001. However, it’s difficult to sample and guesstimate the knowledge of all residents on Maui. Maui residents vary in age, experience, culture, and language.

  22. Kristian Ryan Siva,

    It’s hard to quantify how many mosquitoes have been affected by Zika. If you look at countries such as Brazil during their outbreak, it’s possible that thousands to tens of thousands of mosquitoes were infected. In Hawaii, the number is most likely 0, considering we have not have local spreading of Zika. When a mosquito carries Zika, the mosquito itself does not get affected (sick) by the virus. It just acts as a host passing along the virus.

  23. Would you say at least 50% or more of the Hawaiʻi population understand how to keep themselves safe from mosquito-borne illnesses / the dangers of mosquitoes?

  24. Have there been any recent signs/cases of the Zika virus being locally acquired in Hawaiʻi?

  25. Aloha, unfortunately the mosquitoes on Maui are capable of spreading Zika if they get exposed to the virus. They currently are not exposed or spreading Zika. Research is currently being done to figure out ways to combat mosquitoes and their ability to spread diseases. Scientists have begun developing genetically modified mosquitoes that are unable to reproduce in order to reduce the mosquito population. Scientists have also researched how certain types of bacteria, such as Wolbachia, can prevent the spreading of diseases.

  26. Aloha, if an individual suspects that they may have been exposed to the Zika virus it is not immediately necessary to receive medical care. Since the zika virus is a viral disease, infected individuals cannot take anti-biotics or other medicine to get better. The virus tends to have mild symptoms. It is especially important to avoid mosquito bites if you suspect you have Zika, because the virus will spread if you are bit.

  27. Aloha, it is always possible for Zika to spread in Hawaii. It would most likely begin centralized to only one island, and then if the outbreak is uncontrolled, it could potentially spread to additional islands. Right now we do not have any cases of Zika in Hawaii.

    To prevent the spread of these diseases, it it important to avoid mosquito bites, and prevent mosquitoes from breeding. It’s especially important to avoid mosquito bites if you are traveling to a country that has active transmission of mosquito-borne diseases.

  28. Aloha, Mosquitoes may provide a food source for some animals/creatures in the environment. We do not have any cases of malaria because we do not have the right type of mosquitoes (Anopheles ) to carry Malaria

  29. Hello, i would like to thank you for helping me learn about what to do in an event of a zika case in my town!

  30. Do mosquitoes help the planet in any way? Why are there no cases of malaria in Hawaiʻi?

  31. I wanted to know if the mosquitoes can still transmit the Zika virus throughout the island of Hawaiʻi and if the Zika virus is present in Hawaiʻi. What can we possibly do to prevent the spread of these viruses?

  32. What is the best thing to do if a person was to get infected with zika but, there was no way to get medical attention for over 24 hours?

  33. I was wondering whether or not mosquitoes still have the potential to transmit the zika virus today, and if there is anything that we can do to stop the mosquitoes from being able to transmit it. If there is any chance of a cure or treatment being researched, please let me know! Mahalo!

  34. When a female mosquito bites you, can she bite you again, or is it a one time deal?

  35. I think that the site is very informative and gives the reader a basic understanding of mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry. The site also gives important information such as the life cycle of a mosquito and how to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses from spreading to protect you and your community and how to prepare yourself for possible outbreaks of illnesses that can be spread by mosquitoes.

  36. If another zika or malaria outbreak were to occur, how would they be treated and what are some of the things you could do if a zika or malaria outbreak were to occur. What are some of the ways to stay safe?

  37. How do I prevent myself from receiving Zika? and if I do receive Zika, how do I cure it?

  38. Are there any sort of symptoms that a male can get for being diagnosed with Zica that a female doesnʻt get?

  39. What causes the smaller amount of people diagnosed with the disease to come down with symptoms?

  40. I think following these steps to prevent mosquito born illnesses can benefit a lot of people who are living is the areas that do have these illnesses.

  41. Article about Zika virus was helpful but it repeated it self a lot and please give more info into what they do and not just how they are transmitted. I wonder if the zika virus would end up finding different ways to be transmitted?

  42. Anna Faust means that we should take precaution and help protect ourselves so that we don’t get bitten. Getting bit from a mosquito could give you a higher risk of a disease.

  43. Hi I am learning about mosquitos in school and they have been teaching us about many different ways we can prevent mosquitos. And i have been doing things at my own house to prevent mosquitos from breeding. And i’m just trying to do my part in the community and keep my area mosquito free.

  44. If the zika virus is primarily transported through mosquitoes, then what else is the virus transported through?

  45. Dengue fever is just what people call it but it is really a virus that gets people really sick or even kill them if they dont recover.

  46. Have there been other types of Mosquito born diseases that have infected our population in the past centuries?

  47. I know that for a disease to be spread, a mosquito needs to bite an infected person, then needs to bite other non-infected people. But is it possible for other diseases to be introduced to Hawai’i?

  48. @Steve Slater: Thank you for your generous offer and the sharing of information. We’re going to have our vector control workers look into your suggestions and get back to you. Many thanks!

    Sara Routley – Health Educator

  49. High voltage bug rackets work really well, if they are over 3,000 volts and have only the single grid.
    Too many 1,800 volt, 3 grid, cheap rackets are being sold, causing many people to think they are not effective.
    Living in Huelo the past 15 years, these rackets are a necessity for me. Working near my water tank, I will kill over a hundred in 10 minutes and see a 90% reduction in mosquitoes around me. They also make it easy to get inside mosquitoes. Ebay and Amazon both have them. Jolt and Warrior are the two brands I know offhand. I wholesale Warriors to Mana Foods in Paia. I would donate 6 rackets to health workers so they could give them to infected households.

  50. Thank you for you comment. We have just updated the list of areas with current active local transmission of Zika. However, Hawaii does not have local active transmission. Hawaii only currently has cases of an individual who traveled off island to an area with Zika, then returned to Maui with the infection. Our residents have not been getting infected from our own local mosquitoes.

    Thanks so much for exploring our website, and your suggestions.

  51. Please update your website. It currently says “there are no cases of Zika in Hawaii”. As of last week, we have 2 confirmed cases on Maui. Please update! Mahalo!

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