Mosquito Control Comments: Questions & Answers

Please leave comments or questions. Check back for answers from Department of Health staff.


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  1. @Steve Slater: Thank you for your generous offer and the sharing of information. We’re going to have our vector control workers look into your suggestions and get back to you. Many thanks!

    Sara Routley – Health Educator

  2. Steve Slater says:

    High voltage bug rackets work really well, if they are over 3,000 volts and have only the single grid.
    Too many 1,800 volt, 3 grid, cheap rackets are being sold, causing many people to think they are not effective.
    Living in Huelo the past 15 years, these rackets are a necessity for me. Working near my water tank, I will kill over a hundred in 10 minutes and see a 90% reduction in mosquitoes around me. They also make it easy to get inside mosquitoes. Ebay and Amazon both have them. Jolt and Warrior are the two brands I know offhand. I wholesale Warriors to Mana Foods in Paia. I would donate 6 rackets to health workers so they could give them to infected households.

  3. Thank you for you comment. We have just updated the list of areas with current active local transmission of Zika. However, Hawaii does not have local active transmission. Hawaii only currently has cases of an individual who traveled off island to an area with Zika, then returned to Maui with the infection. Our residents have not been getting infected from our own local mosquitoes.

    Thanks so much for exploring our website, and your suggestions.

  4. Robin says:

    Please update your website. It currently says “there are no cases of Zika in Hawaii”. As of last week, we have 2 confirmed cases on Maui. Please update! Mahalo!

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