Shelter Locations

Announcements about the opening of shelters will be made to the public over the radio and local television stations. Of the shelters listed below, some may not be open immediately. Some shelters are certified only for hurricanes; others are certified for only tsunamis. Therefore, you must listen to the radio for the specific shelter openings.

For information about which shelters will accept pets, click here.

H = Hurricane Shelter (Structure can withstand hurricane-force winds)

T = Tsunami Shelter (Located away from shorelines and harbors, these will only be opened after a tsunami causes damages and people cannot return to their homes.)

Note: When a tsunami warning is issued, get away from the coastline and find a place to wait until the warning passes.  The county may open some lots for people to park in while waiting; listen to the radio for official announcements.

Central Maui: Kahului/Wailuku/Waihe’e

  • H.P. Baldwin High School (H,T)
  • Iao Intermediate School (H,T)
  • Kahului Community Center (T)
  • Kahului Elementary School (T)
  • Lihikai Elementary School (H,T)
  • Maui High School (H,T)
  • Maui Waena Intermediate School (H,T)
  • University of Hawai’i – Maui College (H)
  • Waihe’e Elementary School (H,T)
  • Wailuku Elementary School (H,T)
  • War Memorial Gym (T)

South Maui: Kihei/Makena

  • Kamali’i Elementary School (H,T)
  • Kihei Community Center (T)
  • Kihei Elementary School (H,T)
  • Lokelani Intermediate School (H,T)

West Maui: Lahaina

  • Lahaina Intermediate School (H,T)
  • Lahainaluna High School (H,T)
  • Princess Nahienaena Elementary School (H,T)

Upcountry Maui

  • Eddie Tam Memorial Center (T)
  • Ha’iku Community Center (T)
  • Ha’iku Elementary School (T)
  • Kalama Intermediate School (H,T)
  • King Kekaulike High School (H,T)
  • Kula Community Center (T)
  • Kula Elementary School (T)
  • Makawao Elementary School (H,T)
  • Mayor Hannibal Tavares Community Center (T)
  • Pa’ia School (T)
  • Pukalani Elementary School (H,T)

East Maui: Hana

  • Hana High & Elementary School (H,T)


  • Kualapu’u Elementary School (H,T)
  • Maunaloa Elementary School (T)
  • Moloka’i High & Intermediate School (H,T)


  • Lana’i High & Elementary School (H,T)
  • Lana’i Community Center (T)