Disaster Phone Numbers

telephone-directory1Phone Numbers for Selected Emergency and Essential Services

This list contains an assortment of offices, agencies and organizations that provide essential services and useful information related to emergencies. All phone numbers are listed in the phone book and were checked for accuracy by members of Maui County Health Volunteers.

Other important phone numbers may be available in your phone book. To view or print a PDF of the Disaster Phone List, click here.

Please keep in mind that certain kinds of natural disasters can affect cell phone service, phone lines and electricity. Even if phone lines or cell towers are not damaged, calling may still be difficult due to the lines being tied up. In a disaster, please limit your calls to the absolutely essential so emergency calls can get through. If you have text messaging, use it instead of calling as it uses much less bandwidth. Better still, make contact with a predesignated person who knows you will keep them informed when a disaster occurs. Let them know your location and status, and ask them to share your updates with other friends and family. Stay off the phone unless absolutely necessary. Also, keep your cell phone charged. And if you have a landline, get an “old-fashioned” phone that plugs into the wall to use for emergencies. If electricity is out, cordless phones with a base that requires electricity will not work.

*Note: All area codes are 808 unless otherwise designated.