Dengue in Hawaii

Mosquito Control Flyer

The Dengue virus is a germ that often causes serious illness.  Symptoms include headache, body aches, fever, and rash.  Not all symptoms occur in all people.

Since an outbreak was ended on Maui 15 years ago, there have only been occasional imported cases here.  An “imported case” is a person who traveled overseas and came to Maui with the virus in their blood.

In late 2015 and early 2016, there was a dengue outbreak on the Big Island.  Department of Health has a website detailing how many people were sick and the locations they lived in, worked in, or went to during their infectious period.

As the outbreak spreads on Big Island, it is possible that cases of Dengue infection will appear on other islands.  People from throughout Hawaii, residents and visitors, may be infected with Dengue virus on Big Island and then travel to other islands during their infectious period.

Dengue is spread through the bite of an mosquito. Infected people should avoid being bitten during their infectious period so the virus is not spread to others.  Also, healthy people should avoid mosquito bites when they are in areas where dengue is common or where an outbreak is occurring.

Dengue Fever Brochures in Ten Languages

Dengue_Brochure_Cover♦ Spanish
♦ Samoan
♦ Marshallese
♦ Japanese
♦ Ilokano
♦ Hawaiiian
♦ English
♦ Chuukese
♦ Tongan
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