Tropic Care is coming to Maui!

Take advantage of the free health care offered in August at various locations around Maui County! See flyer below for more information.  

Zika Virus

Zika Virus is a virus spread primarily through mosquitoes. This virus can be very dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn child.

Rat Lungworm Disease

Angiostrongyliasis, also known as rat lungworm infection, is a condition that can affect the human brain and nervous system. Learn about how you can protect you and your family from Rat Lungworm Disease.

Will You Be Ready?

It’s Been a Long Time Coming… Be Hurricane Ready. Tips for preparedness: Make a written list of contact numbers Keep information up-to-date Consider including recent photos of family members Make a Family Plan How do we contact each other? Where do we meet? Neighborhood location alternate location in case neighborhood is inaccessible Make an Emergency…