Negative Effects of Wet Weather


Your Safety:

Dangerous road conditions: There were 907,831 crashes due to wet pavement and 573, 784 crashes due to rain in a ten year average (2005-2014).

Chemical Hazard: Chemicals may have been washed from normal storage places and pose as a hazardous risk to public.

Electrical Hazard: There may be downed power lines hidden beneath water.

Insect Bites: Insects may be displaced after heavy rains and pose a threat. Standing water left by heavy rainfall produce ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Soil Erosion: Run-off caries fertilizer and other pollutants to large bodies of water and may reduce quality of drinking water. Soil build-up in river/steam; mud or landslides may occur.

Your Health:

Rain helps produce an environment that helps increase the growth of harmful germs and bacteria.

Infectious Disease: Most common: flu, cold, and respiratory infections.

Wound infections: Open wounds/scratches exposed to flood water may become infected.

Diarrheal Illnesses: Drinking/eating anything contaminated by flood water may cause diarrheal illness.

Mold: Flooding can cause household mold if home is not properly aired/dried out.