Be Hurricane Ready!

Tips for preparedness:

    1.  Make (or print) a written list of names, addresses, and numbers you may need in an emergency (remember that power may not be available to recharge phones or computers)
      • Update your written list when contact information changes
      • In case you get separated, keep recent printed photos of family members (and pets) with your list
    1.  Make a Family Emergency Plan
      • Plan how you will contact each other (for example, simple text messages sometimes work even when phones donʻt)
      • Decide where you will meet if you can’t meet at home
          • Agree on one location in your neighborhood
          • Agree on an alternate location in case neighborhood is inaccessible
    1.  Make an Emergency Survival Kit
      • A 2-week supply of water and food is recommended (Note: this is increased from previous recommendations)
      • Make a smaller “Grab-and-Go” kit to bring with you if you need to evacuate. See recommendations in the Plan to be Ready workbook.

Print a Plan to be Ready for a preparedness workbook  to get your family ready for an emergency.