Preparedness Tip #3

Maria Demarest Kit w Marias friendMake an emergency survival kit. 

All Hawai‘i residents should be ready for an emergency such as a hurricane, flu epidemic, earthquake, or tsunami.  A major disaster could interrupt water, electricity, phone, and gas services, as well as limit the availability of supplies in local stores. It could take weeks for stores to be replenished. Prepare your household by making a  Home Survival Kit. This is in case you are told to shelter-in-place (stay indoors) or the roads are closed due to storm, landslide, or other damage.  A one- to two-week supply of water and food is recommended. You should also make a handy Go-Kit to take with you if you must evacuate your house. Make sure all family members know where the kit is kept. Put the supplies in a sturdy waterproof bag, backpack, or other container, preferably with wheels to make it easier to carry. You can keep this kit near the door or in your car.

A key part of preparedness is making sure your own family and all your employees’ families are ready with an emergency supply kit and a plan complete with meeting places and emergency contact numbers. 

A good place to start is with a checklist or planning guide.  A coalition of Hawai‘i organizations and agencies has created a special preparedness booklet called “Plan To Be Ready.” Filling it out is an excellent way to get your family and all your employees ready for an emergency.