Preparedness Tip #2

Plan to be ReadyMake a family emergency plan. 

Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so plan how you will contact each other and review what you will do in different situations.  During your planning process, assess your home to determine under what circumstances you could stay at home and when you would need to evacuate to a shelter.   Decide which emergency shelter you will go to if an evacuation is announced. (A list of evacuation shelters is available from State Civil Defense.)  Each family member should keep a copy of the plan in their wallet or backpack. (See sample wallet cards.)

Wallet Card  Side 2

A key part of preparedness is making sure your own family and all your employees’ families are ready with an emergency supply kit and a plan complete with meeting places and emergency contact numbers. 

A good place to start is with a checklist or planning guide.  A coalition of Hawai‘i organizations and agencies has created a special preparedness booklet called “Plan To Be Ready.” Filling it out is an excellent way to get your family and all your employees ready for an emergency.